The Being Ready on the Day Guide
Arriving early and acing the interview

On the day

There is a lot more to your interview than turning up. Consider how are you going to look, where are you going to park, whether you have enough petrol, does your pen work? Read the following for flawless day of the interview tips.

What to wear

  • An interview is a formal business occasion and the dress should be considered thus.
  • Plan what to wear the night before so to avoid a rush/panic in the morning.
  • Try and reflect what you think the interviewer will be expecting.
  • Be comfortable.

Your arrival

  • Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early
  • Know name / position of the person you are seeing.
  • Get into the role before entering the premises.
  • Read any corporate literature available.
  • Expect to do most of the talking - but listen effectively and answer all questions.
  • Try and relax, smile.
  • Listen effectively and observe body language. Use your body, especially eye contact.
  • Ask your questions and make notes on the answers.
The interview checklist:
  • Did you answer the question?
  • Were you concise?
  • Did you use evidence to support your answer?