The Perfect Covering Letter Guide
Get noticed in 20 seconds

It is a widely known fact that employers take 20 seconds to skim through a covering letter. That means you need to say something that ticks the boxes immediately.

Be clear. Don't use long sentences when a short, concise and informative one will do. All you need to do is highlight the important points as easily as possible.

Know who it is you are writing to. Do some research. Take a look on the website or on LinkedIn to find the appropriate contact to whom you should address your letter.

To start, you want to be strategic in your approach. Consider the following layout:

1. Why are you attracted to the company?
2. Why are you attracted to the role?
3. Why would you be a good fit?
4. When are you available?

It is vital that you sound like someone who will easily fit in with the company culture. Look at the language used in the job advertisement and the types of phrases on the corporate website. These key words become points of reference or hints into what the company is looking for. Make sure you take advantage of these.

When discussing your appropriateness for the role, you must evidence your claims with credible examples. Showing you can do what employers are looking for is a sure fire way to imply you would be more than comfortable in the role.

Finally, Proofread and re-read again. It is vital that you do not have grammatical problems, spelling mistakes or discuss unimportant points in your covering letter. You are making your first impression, make sure it is perfect.