Head of Data

We need an exceptional Head of Data to lead our Insight and Engineering teams to the next level

Full time
Central London

The Role
• Define and own Yopa’s data & reporting platform: You will need to work incredibly closely with our Technology, Product and DevOps teams to ensure data becomes an integral part of our technical architecture. Your experience will ensure you know what great looks like as well as the most efficient way to get there.

• Define and deliver the data Roadmap: There are dozens of great ideas around the business and you will help us carefully select the biggest and boldest. Your experience in successfully doing this before will be key in helping us chart the most expedient path.

• Continuously improve our core systems: By proposing new processes, designs and engineering practice you will have responsibility over the technical implementation and throughput of your team. This will include all our reporting tools and data related tech. We need to be future proofed for 2020 and beyond.

• Translate the power of our data into revenue: We want data to directly influence how and where we invest. If we can show people, be it our customers, agents or managers, the right information at the right time, we can have a material impact on the financial health of the business. It will allow the business to make more data-based decisions based on fact not opinion.

• Build and maintain all core metrics: as Yopa scales, and demands ever more granularity, you will need to create, maintain and update the businesses definitions. Having a strong handle of these is so important to minimising confusion around the business.

• Take us from information to insight: Yopa has a lot of data. However, without the correct analytical lens being applied, it remains just that, lots of data. We need someone with the commercial and analytical vision to bring the right insight to the right teams.

• Map the best team structure: whether functional alignment or specialised generalists is the right way to go, you will need to figure out the most effective way of deploying data resource throughout the business.

The technical, intellectual and managerial superpowers you’ll bring to Yopa include:
The must have:
• Be self-motivated and naturally curious about data

• Proven experience in taking a business hypothesis from concept all the way to delivery

• Ability to work across the various business functions to provide analytical guidance and support

• Ability to communicate and explain complex analyses to non-technical audiences

• Capable of working with the team lead to prioritise the analysis roadmap and communicate this on a regular cadence with stakeholders

• Able to maintain a central repository for all analysis and insights so that it can be shared and accessed across the business

• Lead by example by remaining hands-on and deeply involved in the technical work of your team

• Ensure that everyone in your team keeps to agreed processes, standards and designs

• Ensure that everyone in the team has a reasonable workload

• Manage the incoming backlog of data requests such that it does not impact larger project timelines

• Generate enthusiasm and a sense of pride within your team for the both Product features you build and the engineering skills you apply to problems

And the nice to have:
• 5 – 7 years’ experience minimum

• Ideally a technical academic background

Your application will be treated with absolute confidentiality.