Ready to open Studley Castle’s doors together?
Your castle needs you!
Studley Castle is preparing to open its doors once more. And it needs chefs, housekeepers, beauty therapists, entertainers and more for the grand reveal.
We’re now looking to draw on the pool of talent from the local community to join us and be in at the beginning of a brand-new venture. Do you have the skills, the ambition, the passion and the commitment we need? Are you interested in joining the launch team at a brand-new hotel in Studley?
If you’re committed to giving guests a great time with memories that ... READ MORE
Every year we deliver something really special for every family who holidays with us. That's why we have amazing opportunities for people who like people to help us delight our guests. If you want a challenge, we've got buckets full. If you want variety, we've got it in spades. If you want a job you really love in a great team that's reinventing the British seaside break, we'll give you the opportunity of a lifetime.
Butlin's is operational all year round so can offer both permanent and seasonal contracts, for both full time or part time work.
Come and have a look at the variety of roles... READ MORE
This week is National Apprenticeship week, a week dedicated to improving the knowledge that young people have on apprenticeships.
At some point, every young person has to make a key decision that will impact their future; to go to college and complete A levels, Btec’s and other qualifications or take on an apprenticeship; to learn whilst working an earning.
Taking the route of college/ sixth form is an easy choice to make. The way you learn at College and the examinations/ assessments are similar to what you will have done at School. The question is, how much do schools really teach their st... READ MORE
Over the next month, our client Butlin’s are recruiting for multiple vacancies within their house
keeping team.
Butlin’s have always been passionate about giving their guests a great time, with memories that
last a lifetime. For them, it starts with accommodation.
“From the minute they [guests] to the minute they leave, it [accomodation] must be clean,
comfortable and just like a home from home. It has to be perfect -
that’s why our Clean Team has to be the best: making sure every inch of every room is spotless and welcoming, but with a touchof that special charm that makes it Butli... READ MORE


Redundancy is a difficult stage to find yourself in. The aim is to maintain focus. Take a step back and give yourself time to get to grips with the loss of your job.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years, not 2-3?
One of the most tempting options is to start applying for every job you see; this is not the most productive route. Once you have taken time for yourself, really consider what it is you want to do. Many people find that after redundancy, they want to move in a new direction. However you must maintain focus. Don't apply for a range of jobs with the off chance that your skills are tr... READ MORE
So, your CV and application have been successful and now you need to prepare for the next stage, the interview. This preparation is crucial as are the examples you provide.
You need 5 things to start your preparation:
1 Your CV & covering letter
You must know exactly what you have written in your CV & Covering letter. When asked, you must be able to evidence anything you have highlighted with examples of work or scenarios.
2 The job specification
Understanding every element of the role and demonstrating knowledge in those areas will ensure you are not be caught out in th... READ MORE
Arrive early to prepare yourself for the interview

On the day
There is a lot more to your interview than turning up. Consider how are you going to look, where are you going to park, whether you have enough petrol, does your pen work? Read the following for flawless day of the interview tips.
What to wear
An interview is a formal business occasion and the dress should be considered thus.
Plan what to wear the night before so to avoid a rush/panic in the morning.
Try and reflect what you think the interviewer will be expecting.
Be comfortable.
Your arrival
Plan to arrive 15-20 m... READ MORE
It is a widely known fact that employers take 20 seconds to skim through a covering letter. That means you need to say something that ticks the boxes immediately.
Be clear.
Don't use long sentences when a short, concise and informative one will do. All you need to do is highlight the important points as easily as possible.
Know who it is you are writing to.
Do some research. Take a look on the website or on LinkedIn to find the appropriate contact to whom you should address your letter.
To start,
you want to be strategic in your approach. Consider the following layout:
Why are you att... READ MORE
Approximately 25% of HR professionals have considered what is said online as a reason to reject an application and 60% of recruiters do this for every application.
Managing how you are seen online is important. The chances are that your online identity is more active than you imagine. If you use Facebook, make comments on Twitter or update your work employment details on LinkedIn, then your reputation is online and is constant.
Even if you are not blogging or networking online on a regular basis it may still be possible to find out about you online. Normally this might not be a consideration... READ MORE


The Definitive don't do list...
Don’t apologise or mention anything negative
Always be positive, don’t be negative.
Don’t use technical jargon, abbreviations or in-house terms
Remember the initial person reading your CV may not be from the intended department.
There is no need to mention your age, height, weight, religious/political preferences or even your salary expectations.
Don’t ask about the salary, but please mention your own salary if asked about it, be honest and don’t exaggerate.
Photographs are unnecessary unless they have particularly asked for one
If so, use a profession... READ MORE

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