How to Recruit using Facebook

Recruiting the right candidate online seems to be more difficult and time consuming than it should be. With over 2,000 job websites and approximately 35,000 employment agencies across the UK, it is a saturated marketplace and with advancements in job board technology, such as swipe to apply Apps, it has created competition between job boards for high volume applications.

Next Generation Online Recruitment

New principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply from 25 May 2018 to regulate the market and create a need for a seamless and compliant online recruitment process for businesses of all sizes looking to hire talent online. Gone are the days of sharing a CV via email.
70% of online jobseekers start their journey through search engines. Typically applying and registering with a selection of job advertising websites provides for regular email alerts from their database. A system that produces impressive results for the job boards but less so for the inundated jobseeker or recruiter faced with the task of sifting through applications.
Increasingly frustrated and unresponsive to their email inbox flooded with duplicated and irrelevant job advertisements, candidates are switching to local Facebook groups and jobs pages to search for information about employment opportunities.
Oliver Adderley, Managing Director of online recruitment experts Jobs Direct Group states
“In the last few years Facebook has become a “go to place” for local job seekers. Candidates are increasingly looking for more information and a tailored approach about employment opportunities whilst employers prefer a personal connection to applicants. Facebook is the ideal platform for reaching an audience of active and passive candidates and can produce staggering recruitment results. The future of online recruitment is happening right now”.

How to Post Jobs on Facebook

Launching a Facebook business page is free of charge, fast and easy, much like creating your own personal profile. In your Facebook account, click “create page”, select a template and category, upload a logo and banner image and you are ready to go. You can also create and link a business Instagram page, track results and allocate page administrators by downloading Facebook Business Manager.
By following these simple steps you can build an audience for your brand through targeted marketing and obtain “likes” and “followers”, promote your business to a local audience by posting updates about products and services, employment opportunities and much more, increase traffic to your website and build a community through a linked group. In just a few hours you can reach and engage with a targeted captive audience like never before.
Facebook are piloting a job search feature so that businesses can post vacancies on their Facebook page and manage candidate applications through the Facebook Messenger service. This platform will provide a unique opportunity for candidates to apply using their Facebook profile from any device without disclosing private images and confidential information. Employers can “boost” a post to a targeted demographic to reach an active and passive audience and win referrals through “likes”, “comments” and “shares”. It will make online recruitment simple, compliant and accessible to all.

Social Media Recruitment Support

Jobs Direct offers a unique system that enables businesses to attract great people through Facebook. With a network of over 250 Facebook jobs pages and more than 1.2 million active users, Jobs Direct pages provide information about job postings, recruitment events and employment news to a real time captive audience of pre-qualified job seekers. The pages are optimised and prominent in hundreds of job related search results and campaigns are supported by a team of social media experts. For further information please visit

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