National Apprenticeship Week

This week is National Apprenticeship week, a week dedicated to improving the knowledge that young people have on apprenticeships.

At some point, every young person has to make a key decision that will impact their future; to go to college and complete A levels, Btec’s and other qualifications or take on an apprenticeship; to learn whilst working an earning.

Taking the route of college/ sixth form is an easy choice to make. The way you learn at College and the examinations/ assessments are similar to what you will have done at School. The question is, how much do schools really teach their students about the benefits of an apprenticeship.

How much do our young people actually know about working apprenticeships?

Questions frequently asked:

Q: Do you actually get a qualification?

A: Yes you do, whilst working you will not only get real life work experience, you can also gain National Vocational Qualifications(NVQS), BTECS, Higher National Certificates (HNC) or Diplomas (HND). These are all nationally recognised qualifications that you can use to land your dream job after your apprenticeship has finished.

Q: What can you do an apprenticeship in?

A: At this point, you can do an apprenticeship in almost anything. A few years ago there was a limited choice, but now there are so many different companies in different sectors opening their doors to young people.Companies such as Aggregate Industries, United Utilities, Mars Chocolate/ Petcare are always looking for apprentices to join their teams.

Aggregate Industries says “Our Apprenticeships offer exciting and diverse opportunities for individuals to excel in a fast paced environment. Our structured schemes have been developed with the apprentice in mind helping them to build the knowledge and skills required for a successful career.”

Q: Do I get paid?

A: You certainly do! The current minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.50 an hour, plus holiday pay. When applying for apprenticeships it’s important for you to ask the question of your hourly wage,as some companies offer extra benefits.

United Utilities say, “Whichever United Utilities apprenticeships you're interested in, joining us means being part of the flow of life.

You’ll get the opportunity to fulfill your potential.You'll be rewarded for your commitment with starting salaries from £12,500, and an annual bonus of up to 7.5%. Our fantastic benefits include private healthcare, discounted gym, up to ten driving lessons if you need to learn for your role, flexible holidays, and award winning pension scheme.”

Q: What are the qualifications needed for anapprenticeship?

A: Unless your doing a more advanced apprenticeship(Foundation degree and above level) which you will need certain qualifications for, you just need to be the age of 16 at the start of the course and not already in full time education.

The benefits of an apprenticeship are endless, they are a brilliant opportunity for young people to get real life experience to shape their future careers. 

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